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Search Marketing is only going to get harder.

Ad Costs WILL get higher.

Since 2005 I have been helping business owners online.

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Annual Turnover
  • Less than $500.000
  • $500.000 - $2MM
  • $2MM - $10MM
  • $10MM - $50MM
  • $50MM - $500MM
  • $500MM+
  • I'd prefer not to say.
Avg. Monthly Ad Spend
  • Less than $2.000
  • $2.000 - $10.000
  • $10.000 - $50.000
  • $50.000 - $100.000
  • $100.000+
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Why Do High Page One Positions Matter?

Sitting in the top organic position gets your web page a 32.5% share of overall traffic.

In the second spot this drops to 17.6%.

The third spot you're getting an 11.4% share.

After the top 3 to 5 positions, only 2.4% of Searchers look this far down the page.

Cross over to the top of page two…

..just 1% of Searchers see these results.

Organic Search Engine Visitors are among the best converting prospects online and can easily produce the highest return on investment of all traffic sources.

Cheap SEO will get you nowhere in the long run.

We specialize in doing it right from day one.

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Web Accessibility and Tax Benefits (USA)

Web Accessibility and Tax Benefits (USA)

With tax season always rapidly approaching, there's some good news... Small firms that make accessibility improvements to their web presence are eligible for tax benefits. The good news for small businesses that are either taking steps to improve...

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Forecasting Advanced SEO Campaigns

Forecasting Advanced SEO Campaigns

Well.. If you're familiar with the immense volume of moving parts that make up an Organic Search campaign, you'll realize that providing any sort of promise like..

“invest $30,000 and make $100,000 over the next 3 months”

It's near impossible.

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An Exclusive Service

All our clients get a super personal and often complete service where we take care of their entire online presence. We only bill what is fair for our time and resources.

After servicing over 2,800 clients we have come to know well what clients expect of us, along with the ability to identify where we can have maximum impact in the shortest timeframe (new leads & sales).

If you have a real business with an average customer transaction value of over $€£ 1,500.. we can help!

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Satisfied Clients

Established In

In Confirmed Leads

Build Your Brand WHILE Making Sales..

Most ‘branding' is literally a company going out and starting a campaign to let people know they exist.

Not much else.

Essentially throwing money at the wall to be cute, funny, and potentially go viral.

The good news is… we know better!

Our expert team know that Branding is crucial to every business in 2021.


We specialise in Building Your Brand WHILE MAKING SALES.


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Simply a first class service.

Matt has done a great job on our website. The site and our products have climbed the google rankings and in return generated a lot of traffic and brought customers from around the world to our business. Simply a first class service.

Steve Masson - Owner, Aerospace Technology Company

Within 3 months we had quoted over £1Million in extra jobs

I find the AuthorityTraffic SEO team really outstanding. Within 3 months of our first campaign together we had quoted over £1Million in extra jobs we would never have been found for until starting a link building and seo campaign with Matt. Google loves us! Absolutely blown away.

Kevin G - Owner, Fire Suppression & Security Company

It's been over two years, we have been using his services, and I couldn't have made a better choice.

I've known Matt for several years already, starting out to be a patient of ours. I found he was a very nice and friendly person, so we started chatting after appointments, about all my IT problems. He gave me so much insight of what I was missing so I decided to turn over and have his services. It's been over two years, we have been using his services, and I couldn't have made a better choice. I strongly recommend him both on his people and intellectual skills.

Ana Escudero - Owner, Specialist Dental Clinic

Ranked our site on page 1 of Google.

Ranked our site on page 1 of Google. Recommended!

John D Wingate - Owner, Supplement Supply Company
Matt W

Let's Work Together.

Stay ahead of painful Search Engine updates by building a firm foundation for your website and online presence to rise above the competition!


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I recommend an absolute minimum of six months work when embarking on a full campaign. The thing is though..

Profitable SEO is an ongoing practice that should ALWAYS be being maintained.

Lets do it right from the start.

How much is your average customer worth?

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Advanced Search Optimization is hugely complex and a logistical spiders web when done properly.

Each campaign is different, just like a business.

I tailor your campaign to match your organisations immediate needs so we can make the fastest impact.

Our focus together is ROI-based SEO.

A measureable Return On Investment is absolutely imperative to our long term success.

Advanced SEO starts from $5,000 per month.

Short 3 and 6 month Trial Campaigns available for a one time fee if you prefer to see some movement in the rankings before we make our annual agreement together.

Direct Response methods are as relevant to your Search Engine Rankings as they are a classified Newspaper Ad.

We are doing this immense amount of work on your behalf to get the right people to your company's door.

The people who are looking for the things that you sell.

You know the word bespoke?

That word has little place in the Search Engines (if you want success), or in much to do with regular online business for that matter.

Absolutely nothing we do is bespoke, outside of our entirely personal service, and this is for good reason..

I made a firm point of having no “black boxes” in the systems we implement, this is so that someone else CAN maintain it as if it were any other.

Whether these people know how to do what we do however… that's another matter entirely.

Many clients come to us having been sold on a bespoke system created by a convenient developer that advertised their system as “the beginning and end” of all web systems.

Invariably however…

These systems turn out to be a ton of trouble and entirely inflexible when compared with industry-standard existing options that are already widely recognised & supported.

Every system that we implement and utilise can be maintained by a regular Developer or WordPress Manager.

What sets us apart is our long experience, awareness, and methodology towards campaign structure & execution.

Architecting a great Search campaign isn't easy, but that old acronym KISS can get you a long way.

Let's Keep It Super Simple.

Ready to talk?

A Search Engine Optimization and Direct Response Marketing Expert from Scotland, UK.

After servicing well over 2,800 businesses we've come to know well what is expected from our work.

Thanks to the uncanny ability of identifying where we can have the fastest impact together in the shortest timeframe (new leads & sales),

You can be sure that our optimum experience, resource arsenal, and respect towards the work we do together will improve your business' website and overall online presence consistently.