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Since 2005 Matt Wilkinson has been professionally helping companies around the world. Developing their online presence based on their desire and local-online market opportunities.

What We Do.

Whatever aspect of Search Marketing (SEO or SEM) your organisation needs to succeed. We can help get you there.

Starting from a strong foundation of ON-Page website optimization we can drive you to the top of your niche, and keep you there.

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Search Engine Optimization

Basic or Science-based?

Scientific SEO is still pretty new, hardly anybody is doing it!

Get ahead of your competition NOW.

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Content Optimization

Optimizing and correctly structuring your written and visual content is crucial to getting properly indexed in the Search Engines.


On Page Optimization

With 17+ years experience, we can take care of all this for you.

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Link Building

With a huge amount of success in influencing the rankings positively for our clients, we know we can help.

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Data Analysis

Research is key. Let a professional dig into your competition and identify what needs to be done now. Do more than just ‘compete'.

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Conversion Strategy

Know how to improve your visitor conversion rate? …. we do.

From Colour Psychology to Heatmapping visitor behaviour on your website, we can take care of it all.

Local SEO [Setup & Optimization]

GMB Service

Increase your exposure to Local Searchers that are already looking for what you sell by simply setting up your Google My Business (GMB) profile correctly.

We have years of experience with GMB and can quickly do this for you – $1,650 one-time investment.

This service is presently included FREE as part of our Advanced Organic SEO Service.

Local SEO [Maintenance]

GMB Maintenance

Maintain and Continue to build your exposure to Local Searchers that are already looking for what you sell by simply setting up your Google My Business (GMB) profile correctly.

Ranking criteria changes periodically, Stay on top of it!

We have years of experience with GMB and can take care of all this work for you – $750 bi-monthly investment.

Advanced Full Organic SEO Campaign

Advanced SEO Monthly

Increase your brands exposure to Online Searchers that are already looking for what you sell.

You can rest assured your Organic Search Engine Optimization campaign will be done right, and most important of all… done NATURALLY.

We have many many years experience in ranking web pages in the Search Engines and can competently do all this work for you – from $4,500 per month.

A New Website For Your Business
One-Time Cost

Optimized Site Build Service

Start from scratch!

This is the best option if your company website is more than a few years old and is not built on the WordPress platform.

We begin naturally by identifying where best to Increase your brands exposure to Online Searchers that are looking for what you sell.

You can be certain your Organic Search Engine Optimized website will be built properly.

We can do absolutely everything providing you can provide us with the appropriate media and information about your business to complete our work to the highest standard.

We know how to design your website for conversions and we know how to rank web pages in the Search Engines.

With many years experience in this industry (since 2003) we can competently do this start to finish for you.

MattSEO Complete Optimized for Search Website Build starts from $12,500 + $1200/yr hosting (if required).

This will set you an extremely solid foundation to build your company online.

Set everything up to scale from day one, you'll be glad you did.

Accessibility Compliance

Optimized Site Build Service

With increasing enforcement of Accessibility regulations around the world, we are offering a simple one-time solution to adhere to the legislation.

We will require access to your website to install, configure and test everything is working properly.

I started web developing in 1998, and my team is equally experienced.

We can competently do this work for you – $895 per website, per year.

This covers the majority of issues a person with an impairment can have with your web presence, using the power of AI.

However, if your website has not been optimized for Screen Readers and/or basic Accessibility features… we can take care of this for you.

Beginning with an Accessibility Audit. Audit pricing is between $4,000 – $8,500 per website.

Finally, we will perform Remediation on your website. Remediation pricing between $2,000 – $10,000+ per website.

We Know What Works.

Whether you're ready to get started tomorrow.. or in 4 months time. We'd LOVE to have a short 20minute chat with you to discuss the needs of your organization.

Taking on SEO, SEM, VEO, PPC, and all the rest is overwhelming.

Matt Wilkinson is expert in providing a complete solution that takes away the need for multiple contractors to service the growing array of variables involved in managing the online presence of a consistently developing company.

We can only work with you if you have an existing and proven sales process. One that is making sales already.

We are not able to help startups.

AuthorityTraffic has been active since inception in 2006 helping businesses like yours get to prominent positions in the Search Engines and Social Media.

Thanks to this long history working in countless industries, we are confident we can help almost any real business online.

Matt SEO's AuthorityTraffic

Some Other Things

What is an SEO expert?

Historically, a person who has tended to bamboozle business owners into believing they were gods of the internet.

Most were and continue to do little beneficial work (while charging exorbitant fees).

We're not like that.

We bill fairly and always give you our very best.

Knowing that alone gives our clients peace of mind to just let us get on with the project and take charge internally where needed.

Contracts, Agreements, or?

We have always preferred to operate without agreements in place.

However, due to the long term nature of Search Marketing, we believe it is in our client's best interest to work on a 12 month agreement after an onboarding trial to demonstrate the potential of our service on your website before properly getting started.

How can I pay you?

Payment is accepted through Paypal, Bank Transfer, and our online Credit/Debit Card processor (Stripe).

Project works are not refundable once the project is underway because of the sheer amount of preparation work involved to run your campaign effectively each month.

You always get at very least what you pay for with us.

Will you answer my niggling questions at 3am?

Not without a sturdy retainer.. We are however fully contactable via email and telephone during business hours.

We are also here to reassure you and talk through any concerns on our bi-weekly/monthly catchup call (depending on your preference and our arrangement).

Let's Grow, Together.

Stay ahead of painful Search Engine updates by building a firm foundation for your website and online presence to rise above the competition!

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