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Step 2 (optional) - Go To Google Cloud Console...  (ONLY IF YOU ORDERED THE TEXT TO SPEECH UPGRADE)

In order to set up Text to Speech on your website, we require temporary access to your Google Cloud Platform.  

Note: If you do not already have an extra Google profile we can use to link Google's Text To Speech API, please create a new account here: https://www.gmail.com 

IMPORTANT:  Choose a password for your new/old Google Account that you can share with us today, and then change once our API configuration work is complete.

Please please do not send us access to your personal or business account, create a new one.


It is important to add your Billing Information to Google Cloud BEFORE we set up the Service Link with your Website.

To Set Up Google Cloud Billing,

1.  Visit https://console.cloud.google.com/billing

2.  Click Create Account

3.  Choose your Country, then Click Continue

4.  Enter your Business and Payment Information (they wont charge you anything today)

5.  Click Submit And Enable Billing

6.  Once Complete; Send your Google Cloud Username + Password to [email protected]

Please allow us 72hours to complete your Google Cloud configuration. 

We will be in contact within 36hours to update you.

Step 3 - Confirmation Email...

For your records, a link to this page has been sent along with confirmation of your order to the email address you specified during checkout.

In case you need to find it again.

What Happens Next?

After we have received all of your information using the form above, we will begin work shortly after.

Our goal together is simple... for your business to be fully Accessible to ALL Citizens.

If you have submitted your details already, we will get started within 36 business hours.

I will contact you via Google Meet, Telephone or simply by using the email you provided, should any questions come up.

Once started, work is usually completed in 48-72 hours.

I'll send you a full update on completion with any pressing recommendations.


Thanks for your confidence in MattSEO.

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