Little web design in the past was done for usability.

It was for the most part dry technical layouts (spreadsheet, database style).

I liked it!

Everything was right there crammed in front of you whether you understood it or not.

After a few mistakes though things always came together.

Functional Design in my mind relates to Usability.

The positioning, presentation and usefulness of the content you're presenting.

When it comes to where you should position the various types of content on your site for maximum simplicity and impact, approach with logic.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
– Albert Einstein

This, what old albert is talking about, is where a huge number of the main players in the online world are failing…

Overly simplifying the interfaces that now take up huge amounts of the screen across multiple pages, deteriorating usability in the process.

If you've logged into Google/Microsoft in the past few years you'll know the current login process is a lot less fluid compared with the original simple one page forms we knew and loved.

Back in the old days of the internet (10 years ago or so), interfaces were developed with pure logic and to-the-point functionality in mind.

These of course were intimidating to people unfamiliar with raw settings, usually displayed in a solid block of fields to look extra intimidating.

Not most peoples idea of a great evening.

Since 2010 the “big services” have been going with simpler, step-by-step interfaces to help guide even the most illiterate folk through processes like logging in and configuring what would usually be developer focused services (domains/hosting control panels/ad platforms).

This is great that they're evolving!

The issue to me lies in the politics of it all, as these changes arent made to make usability better …they are complying with new regulations.

So.. whats the solution?

Functional Design!

Thats what.

By laying out your website's pages and promotional content in clean, easy-to-follow (funnel format)..

Where your content is always guiding your prospect/visitor to the end goal of placing an order, requesting a callback, or simply to have them subscribe for future updates about your product or service.

Over the last 16+ years I have mastered the simplicity of clean functional website design to get better visitor conversion for all types of businesses in more niches than i can remember.

Why design you online presence with functional intent? Easy.

So that when a visitor arrives at your site, and they're looking for what you sell…

You're giving them (and yourself) the best chance of having them reach out.

Which is almost certainly in the prospects best interest, since you can help solve their problem.

Support your own business at the same time, which is always a good thing.

Win win.

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Enjoy your day!

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